Our portfolio of companies

Illustrates our commitment to value creation and it includes an array of industries, offerings, geographies and stages.

Feedback Cove
Feedback Cove is a product feedback and user engagement platform. It’s a powerful and comprehensive tool helping product manager and entrepreneurs build better products.
Discussion Stream
Discussion Stream is shared team inbox helping companies worldwide easily manage all of their communication channels - without all the power and without the hassle.
User Insights
User Insights is an advanced tool for pixel perfect user session recording, product analytics, and client side error monitoring - enabling better customer support and increased conversions.
DocSchedule is an intelligent healthcare staff scheduling solution offering a wide range of features including simplified staff scheduling, staffing reports and many others.
Comet is an integrated stakeholder engagement platform for feedback on SaaS interfaces, that helps businesses deliver great SaaS products.
Flutter is a photography operations solution for freelancers and small businesses helping them deal with the revenue cycle management.
Code Dash is a product providing team coding environment, continuous deployment and scalable serverless functions infrastructure for more efficient product development.
HotDots is a feedback and analytics solution for various product users, including a set of features such as an on-boarding and help guide.
Rooster is a business workflow automation platform, and corporate objectives and task management system helping organizations automate their workflow process.
MessageOne is a drop-in messaging platform for SaaS products enabling organizations globally to deliver their messages fast, securely and affordably.
Product Driver
Product Driver is an agile product development, roadmapping tool and user engagement platform making product development easier than ever.
Nifty Widgets
Widgets to instantly help non-technical marketers, web developer and web designer bring complex actions and functionally to your website with a single line of code.
PCB Marketplace
A marketplace website to allow PCB buyers to request and compare quotes from various PCB suppliers. The marketplace also allows buyer to research and review various suppliers for sustainability standards and quality and deliverability scores.